Healing Arenas provided a sequence of Equine Assisted Learning group sessions to local Stanislaus County children living in Foster care group homes. Their ages ranged from six years old to fourteen years old. Retired Racehorses were key participants in their sessions where the main focus points were respect, safety, and healing.

Community partnerships have been established to assist with this veteran-focused project; including the Escalon Lions Club, the American Legion Post 263, the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Oakdale, and many more.  We are proud to serve our veterans, and our sole source of support is through community partnerships and one of our fundraisers, “Shooting for the Stable”.  This Benefit is a annual Trap Shoot competition, Live Auction and Gun Raffle Dinner by the infamous local House of Beef.  Held in October each year, this Benefit is widely attended and we so appreciate the consideration of our communities!

A 6 hour continuing education project in partnership with KCI EMS (K9 Crisis Intervention EMS Education and Training)  The entire Pilot Project (which included pre and post testing for participants) was funded by Pacific Project Heroes of Oakdale CA!

This pilot project aimed to help amputees and their loved ones to gain mutual understanding of one another. An ongoing series of sessions could bring great benefit to the relationships between those who have lost limbs, and the ones who care about them the most. Sometimes it is difficult to portray when we need help, and when we don’t. Opening up new discussions can shed light on the needs of both parties. 

In two seperate 8-week courses, students received both EAGALA equine assisted psychotherapy sessions, as well as an education in the trade skill of grooming horses for the race track. Each week, students had two days of class, and one day of EAP. This program served a population of low-level, non-violent probationers who were in need of a second chance at life. They were given tools for creating healthy lifestyles, as well as an education in horse care, which could gain them employment. Graduates were able to move forward and start new careers as grooms and stable hands, using their new set of skills and experiences.

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